At 25, Traveling 40 Countries, Break Boundaries Just Like AICE 3 do

At 25, Traveling 40 Countries, Break Boundaries Just Like AICE 3 do
Dancing with sharks in Hawaii, she has always believed in constantly exploring the world and breaking norms to transcend the boundaries of imagination.
At 25, having already traveled to 40 countries, Merida also shared with us a remarkable story from her journeys. One time, while diving in Hawaii, she encountered a shark. Initially, she was filled with fear, but surprisingly, the shark slowly approached and circled around her, sparking her curiosity. Gathering her courage, Merida cautiously reached out her hand to touch its body. The shark flicked its tail, swam around her several times, and seemed to be friendly. This experience left Merida profoundly moved. If she hadn't witnessed it herself, the conventional perception of sharks attacking humans would have prevailed.
"So, we really need to explore this world more. Otherwise, we might continue to adhere to conventional thinking and behavior," Merida emphasized.
The best landscapes are always on the journey, and the best creations are always the next ones. While traveling to different countries and cities, Merida often exclaims, "The world has so many interesting places to offer!" She finds that the world's capacity for imagination is boundless. As a designer, she thrives on expanding the realm of imagination. With each completed project, even when praised by others, she firmly believes the next one will be better.
Merida believes there's more than one intriguing place in the world, and she encourages never-ending explorations. "This resonates with how I feel about AICE 3. If I hadn't tried it, I would have never known a neck air conditioner could actively regulate body temperature, with touchscreen controls. I hope my creations can also break boundaries just like the AICE 3 do.”

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