Smart Car Air Freshener

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  • Worry-Free Quality
  • Natural Perfume Included
  • 1 Second Nano-Spray
  • 3 Modes For Choice
  • Smart: AI ON/OFF
  • Potrtable & Rechargeable
  • Long Lasting
  • Elegant Design For Best Gift
Color: Cologne


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Ranvoo 2023 Newest Tech—— AI Smart Car Air Freshener With 365-Day Quality For One-off Replacement If Any Issues

Ranvoo Car Air Freshener —— Technology Change Life

Ranvoo car scents air freshener adopts perfume imported from French raw materials, which can effectively remove harmful gases such as formaldehyde and acetaldehyde in the car. And the body is made of integrated aluminum alloy material, which can ultimately improve your taste and quality. Both sight and smell are extremely enjoyable.

Quick Guide (How to install):

1. Unscrew the cap of the perfume bottle.

2. Unscrew the lower base of the car fragrance.(Note:Pls do not use other brand perfumes clogging the spray outlet)

3.Screw the perfume bottle vertically into the car fragrance. Tighten the lower base of the car fragrance.

4. Long press the multi-function button to turn on the device, and it will automatically enter the smart mode.

Why is my perfume atomized so little, the main steps are:

1.When using a new cotton swab for the first time, it needs to be placed for 4-5 minutes so that the cotton swab is fully soaked with perfume, and then the delicate perfume can be atomized.

2. Pls wipe the spray outlet, and use high-frequency vibration to recover.

Some Poins You Need to KNOW:

1.About the long lasting for 500mah battery: If you turn it on for 2 hours a day in smart mode, you can avoid changing the perfume for 2 months, it is better than other car refreshener.

2.About the perfume: Every each of the package having a perfume(Cologne/ Grapefruit/Bamboo)as you choice, and we offer pure perfume replacement for the further choice.