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I recently bought AICE 3 and I think it’s the best neck AC I’ve ever seen. I live in a hot area, so it's really uncomfortable when I go out. AICE3 perfectly meets my needs! it blows real cold air outdoors!! Btw I think Ranvoo’s customer service is really good. They value user feedback very much, which is why I commented voluntarily.


Before I got the AICE3, I didn't expect the cooling effect of this device to be so amazing. I have been on a business trip recently, and it really keeps me cool to a large extent. Btw, it can also record my body indexes and even replace my Apple Watch, which is really incredible!




Great product and great customer service.


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Increase Your ‘Cool’ness Quotient With the All-new Ranvoo AICE 3 Neckband.
Ranvoo AICE 3 is an excellent product with new additions and upgrades as compared to its predecessors.
There's probably no reason to say no to the RANVOO AICE 3 neck air conditioner!

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