AICE LITE Neck Air Conditioner: Ultimate Cooling Device with the Largest Icy Plate

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  • 2024 newest neck ac with the largest cooling area on the market at 15,020mm³
  • Air cooler with 360° icy airflow - Stay cool even at 100℉
  • The 6000 mAh battery delivers 3-30 hours of battery life
  • Comprehensive range of settings: Fan, Cooling, Heating, and AI mode
  • Smart App controls a variety of functions
  • Anti-pinching hair design
Color: White
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Powerful, Portable, Personal

Air Cooler for Cooling in Over 100℉

The AICE LITE neck cooler features an ice triangle circulation system designed to enhance cooling performance in high temperatures. It includes a cooling cluster and four vents that distribute cold air efficiently, aiming to maintain comfort during hot and humid conditions.

Wearable Cooling Device wth AC System

The neck fan air conditioner offers a market-leading cooling area of 15,020mm³, targeting critical heat zones and blood vessel pathways on the neck to efficiently distribute cool air. It features German-engineered semiconductors that quickly generate cold, providing a refreshing experience during hot conditions.

ICEMAX Cooling Tech

The AICE LITE neck air conditioner features patented ICEMAX technology and superconducting aluminum, cooling 2.6 times faster than standard aluminum. It has multiple vents for efficient heat dissipation, ensuring effective cooling even outdoors, providing consistently frosty air superior to other products.

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