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Have you ever experienced sitting on the sofa at home in the summer, sweating profusely, while your loved one feels the air conditioning is too strong and wraps themselves in a blanket? Our founder encountered this scenario years ago, which seems irrational but happens frequently in our daily lives because everyone has different perceived temperatures.
So, how can we create a personal temperature control space that is comfortable for oneself without disturbing others? This is the embryonic concept of the neck air conditioner.
Because in our eyes, technology is not just cold machinery, but a bridge connecting people, a force for warming lives. And their mission is to continually transmit and radiate this power.

Product Journey

We strive to redefine comfort and convenience.

Pioneering the industry's first wearable neck fan

The groundbreaking launch of RANVOO AICE 3 - The world's best smart neck air conditioner

RANVOO AICE LITE - Cooling with the largest Ice-Triangle

We have developed personal cooling devices, clothing care series products, all inspired by the pain points of ordinary people's lives, each with a profound emotional story behind it

What We Value


Our customer base has reached ten million, spread across 124 countries and regions around the world.


As of November 2022, we have filed over 4,200 patent applications.


Several of RANVOO's product designs have won the Red Dot Award, the Good Design Award, and the iF Design.

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InstituteHelp Vulnerable People's Discomfort during Heatwaves

Help Vulnerable People's Discomfort during Heatwaves

RANVOO Works with Praxis Spinal Cord Institute to Help Vulnerable People's Discomfort during Heatwaves in British Columbia (BC). July 20th, Shenzhen, China and Vancouver, BC Canada: RANVOO is provi...

RANVOO: A Trusted Brand in Innovative Cooling Technology

RANVOO: A Trusted Brand in Innovative Cooling Technology

Introduction When it comes to choosing electronic products, reliability and brand reputation are top concerns for consumers. As a trusted brand, Ranvoo is dedicated to providing high-quality coolin...