Help Vulnerable People's Discomfort during Heatwaves

Help Vulnerable People's Discomfort during Heatwaves

RANVOO Works with Praxis Spinal Cord Institute to Help Vulnerable People's Discomfort during Heatwaves in British Columbia (BC).

July 20th, Shenzhen, China and Vancouver, BC Canada: RANVOO is providing air conditioner (AC) neck devices at reduced cost to support people with physical disabilities manage discomfort with heat in Vancouver, BC Canada.

Praxis Spinal Cord Institute, a leading global SCI research institute based in Vancouver, working in partnership with Technology for Living, is distributing the devices through a project called SCI Climate Futures, facilitated by BC Hydro.

Praxis and Technology for Living are identifying and testing the best portable cooling devices for those in need during heatwaves. People with spinal cord injuries (SCI) and other disabilities such as multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy may have difficulties in regulating their body temperature to cope with ambient temperature because they cannot sweat effectively. Heat strokes and other heat-related diseases during summer heatwaves can be fatal to them.

After a worldwide callout to cooling technologies companies that make portable cooling devices such as neck fans, neck air conditioners, and cooling vests, Praxis conducted initial testing. Consulting with experts and people with physical disabilities, the Institute got feedback on the devices that worked best. Following two rounds of in-depth comparison and competition, Praxis selected RANVOO AICE 3 as one of their recommended portable cooling devices for people with SCI and other disabilities.

Findings from Praxis' initial testing highlight that the device works for those who are able to manage weight on their neck, and works better for those who use smart phones regularly and easily. User feedback from individuals with physical disabilities highlighted opportunities for a lighter device, longer charging times and improved hands-free functionality.

If you want to learn more about SCI Climate Futures, please contact Yasmin Passos at and if you want to learn more about RANVOO’s AICE 3 Neck air conditioner, please visit the website:

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