AICE3 Boosted My Confidence to Embrace Fresh Changes at 39

AICE3 Boosted My Confidence to Embrace Fresh Changes at 39
At the age of 39, he made the bold decision to resign from a high-paying job and embrace a life of street vending, allowing him the freedom to explore the lifestyle he truly desired.
Mr. ICY, who switched careers at the age of 39 to run a Southeast Asian street food stall, is a genuine life explorer. He loves traveling and among the many places he's been, Thailand holds a special place in his heart. "Thailand is an incredibly open and accepting country; there, nobody views anyone or anything with bias," he says. Upon returning home, he started delving into Southeast Asian recipes. Given the many Thai residents in his city, Mr. ICY aimed to offer his international friends a taste of their homeland abroad. With the support of his family, he decided to quit his job and set up his stall.


Mr. ICY openly admits that initially he didn't want friends to know about his stall. He would always wear a mask extensively. Later, he realized, "Just focus on doing what you love and don't worry about others' judgments. There are indeed significant differences between office workers and street vendors, but both are things I love. As long as I do it well, it's joyful."
At the age of 39, transitioning to an entirely new field, Mr. ICY's stance is clear: age is just a number and it shouldn't limit our life choices.
When it comes to the impact of AICE 3 on his life, Mr. ICY is forthright. He admits to trying several similar cooling products, but AICE3 stands out with the most effective cooling effect. Thanks to its extended battery life and pass-through charging, AICE 3 has become an indispensable companion for his long hours at the stall. "Wearing it, I feel more composed when managing my stall, and it boosts my confidence in facing the 'right choice' I made at the age of 39," he remarks.

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