METAURA portable electric fans

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-18°F Skin-contact Cooling

Intelligent Perception and Regulation

Up to 8 hrs Battery Life

Micro Air Conditioner Technology

App Control

22W Fast Charge

Color: White

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Metaura Pro

World’s 1st Wearable AC that Truly Blows Gentle Cold Air

Conventional portable fans don’t produce a cold airstream in a hot environment; they only circulate warm air mixed with the ambient temperature. The stronger the wind blows, the hotter you get. This is definitely not what you want during those sweltering summer days. That’s why we created Metaura; to deliver a more advanced portable cooling solution.

Powered By Advanced Micro-AC Technology

121 pairs of special semiconductors are used to form thermocouple pairs, which generates a Peltier effect, efficiently creating a temperature differential between hot and cold temperatures. The result of this process transforms hot temperatures into cool ones, which are then applied to a large, temperature-controlled surface area, which encompasses the entire neck and perfectly supports your cooling needs.

Keep You Cooler Than Ever

Metaura Pro delivers an ice-cube-cool sensation directly on your neck with a surface area of 13745 square millimeters, to grant you an immersive cooling experience at the greatest. With Metaura Pro, you can easily adjust the temperature that best suit you within the range of 60-130 F(16-55 C).

Intelligent Perception and Regulation

We are committed to creating highly innovative personal, intelligent wearable devices and developing dynamic and exciting products. The smart wearable air conditioner has a built-in AI smart core. In auto-mode, simply tell Metaura the temperature you are personally most comfortable at and Metaura will do the rest.

Comes with a heating function too!

Metaura Pro not only supplies a cooling function, but also has the capacity for heating as well. In winter, Metaura Pro can be used to warm your body to a comfortable and cozy temperature, when the ambient climate feels brisk and chilly.

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1x Metaura Pro

1 x USB-C Charging Cable

Brand Manual

Metaura Pro

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Metaura Pro Smart A/C





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Operating Temperature

0°F ~ 115°F